Shipping policy

Shipping costs

In the online store of ReSartus there is no minimum or maximum order value. For each order, only a one-time shipping fee of 2.50€ (postal letter), 5.90€ (registered mail / insertion) or 6.90€ (registered mail / hand-delivered) will be charged. In case of loss, the shipment by registered mail - insertion is insured up to 20€ Euro and the registered mail / hand-delivered up to 25€. We are not responsible for the loss of original documents by the post office. If you have submitted original documents, we strongly recommend that you choose registered mail / hand-delivered.

It makes no difference how many translations you have in one order or how many shipments your order is sent in. Shipping is charged once per order.

Which shipping company will be used to ship my order?

We deliver your letters reliably and without any problems to any address in Germany. The dispatch takes place via Deutsche Post and DHL.

Is express delivery of my order possible?

We currently only offer standard shipping. With standard shipping, delivery usually takes place within 2 - 3 business days (Monday to Saturday) after completion of the translation.

How can I pay?

If you order through our store, you can currently pay by Klarna invoice, credit card, ApplePay or direct bank transfer. If you would like to commission us on-site at our Stuttgart office, we currently only offer card payments.

How long does it take to receive my ordered translation?

It is possible to send you the finished translation in advance by e-mail on request on working days within 48h. The processing time is usually 5 to 8 working days from the order confirmation. Unfortunately, it is not possible to determine an exact delivery date in advance, as this may vary depending on the language combination, the type and volume of the material to be translated and the workload of the translators. During the order processing you will be asked to leave your phone number. This will be used to contact you in case of any queries or further necessary coordination regarding the translation.

Do you need the original documents?

According to the current legal interpretation, the certified translator confirms the accuracy and completeness of the translation made. He/she is not allowed to certify whether the documents submitted were originals, as this can only be verified in a laboratory.

The verification of the original documents is the responsibility of the authorities.
For this reason, we do not usually require original documents for the preparation of a certified translation. In case of doubt, please contact the recipient of the translation to find out which conditions must be met in order for the translation to be accepted by the responsible authority.

For use in Germany, a certified translation by an authorized translator is sufficient in most cases. Upon request, original documents must be submitted to the authorities in Germany for verification in addition to the certified translation.

If you wish to use translations abroad, further steps (e.g. apostille, over-certification of the translator's stamp, etc.) may be necessary for your documents to be recognized there.
Please note that apostilles must also be translated into the foreign language. Some agencies require that the translation be attached to an original, which we do not recommend, as there is often only one original of a document. Some foreign agencies only accept translators certified in the respective foreign country. If you want to use your translation abroad, we recommend that you contact the relevant foreign representative before ordering a translation.

What should I do if the supplier causes damage?

Our customer service staff will be happy to help you if your documents are damaged by the shipping service provider.

You can reach us personally from Monday to Thursday from 09:30 to 16:30 and on Fridays from 09:30 to 12:30 at 0711/99522220. You can also send us an e-mail at:

Can I pick up my translations at ReSartus?

Yes. Pick-up of ordered translations from our ReSartus online store is possible by prior arrangement. Please make an appointment for this. The translations will be shipped to the delivery address in Germany specified in the order.