Schulabschluss (AUS) Higher School Certificate
Schulabschluss (AUS) Higher School Certificate

Schulabschluss (AUS) Higher School Certificate

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Wie funktioniert das Bestellen einer Übersetzung?

1.) Dokument auswählen, Lieferadresse eingeben und online bezahlen.

2.) Nach Abschluss der Bestellung können Sie uns das ;Dokument, das Sie übersetzen wollen, zuschicken. Das können Sie per Upload, WhatsApp, Fax, Messanger oder indem Sie auf die Bestellbestätigung antworten, tun.

3.) Wir erstellen Ihre beglaubigte Übersetzung innerhalb weniger Werktage.

4.) Sie erhalten die Übersetzung per Post bequem nach Hause.

Have certificates and documents from Australia translated conveniently via our online shop. The finished translations will be sent to you by post within a few days.

How can I order a translation?

1.) Select document, enter delivery address and pay online.

2.) After completing the order, you can send us the document you wish to translate. You can do this by Upload, WhatsApp, Fax, Messanger or by replying to the order confirmation e-mail.

3.) We will prepare your certified translation within a few working days.

4.) You will be sent the translation conveniently by post to your home.

Important notes:

Price per page (without back side).

If the document has a back side with stamps, text, etc. on it, the translation must be ordered separately via the corresponding sample product.

Should the effort required to produce the translation seem higher to us, we will contact you in advance to agree on a price adjustment with you.

We reserve the right to cancel translation orders that do not meet the requirements for order processing.